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More than a decade of helping travelers see the world.

What we Do

Our Travel Services

Bookey Travels and Tour provides a customized personal experience for any budget, business, or individualized need. We want to craft a unique journey that fits the parameters you set. Let’s work together to build a memorable travel package!

Airline Ticket Reservations

Bookey Travels and Tour will walk you through the flight options available for your dates of travel and budget. We are able to offer discounts from time to time and work closely with the airlines to ensure you have all the documents, seat arrangements, and options fulfilled before leaving for your trip.

Tours & Cruises

Our team of expert travel agents goes beyond superficial journeys to find the genuinely unique river and ocean cruise as well as city and nature tours that will leave you breathless. Be sure to ask about our recommendations for your destination.

Visa Application

We work with the local government officials to ensure your documents and Visa applications are in order before leaving for your destination. The last thing you should have to worry about is local agents delaying your trip.

Holidays & Vacations

We absolutely love to help your family have the most enjoyable break by crafting immersive holiday and vacation packages. Treat your kids to scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef, a walk in front of Cinderella’s castle, or even a tour of the Eifel Tower!

Travel Consultation

Already have your trip booked but need a little guidance on places of interest, exciting restaurants, and local destinations? Bookey Travels and Tour has you covered! We are more than happy to accommodate a quick consultation to help fill out your next trip.